List feature class alias...is this even possible?

Discussion created by ldailide on Nov 20, 2013
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Is it possible to print a list of feature classes with their corresponding alias via Python?

If the aforementioned is possible, here???s another question???  My team is responsible for 400+ feature classes, some of which change on a frequent basis.  We have an Excel spreadsheet that lists the feature class (column 1) and the corresponding alias that we assign (column 2).  Could a Python script look at each feature class and ask the following questions for each one: ???Does the current feature class alias match the alias in the Excel spreadsheet (column 2)?  If yes, do nothing.  If no, change the alias to the one in the Excel spreadsheet (column 2).???

Currently we are opening the properties in ArcCatalog one-by-one to check the alias and/or hand jamming a new/replacement alias.... 

Thanks in advance!  We currently use ArcMap version 10 with a future upgrade to version 10.1