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Discussion created by uvg on Nov 20, 2013
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Sorry for my bad English.

I have a Arc Gis Server Basic.
I create sde database on SQL Server - "Serv1"
Sde service installed and running on server - "Serv2"
Arc Gis Server Basic installed and running on server - "Serv2" too.
I registered sde database on arc gis server as data store.
I imported feature class to  sde database and run "Share as Geodata service" command.
GeoDataService was created ,published and running  on Arc Gis Server.
I open arc catalog and connected to the server as admin.
I saw the GeoDataServer but I not saw published data.

How can I see the published data on the GeoDataService?
Can I add the published data to Arc Map as layer?
Or can I add data using sde service only?

I would like that "Serv1" was not available to users.