Lock Files on File Geodatabases at v10.2

Discussion created by mvolz47 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by ahoque-esristaff
To All ArcGIS Servers (AGS) Users and Administrators:

I have been using AGS since version 9.x.  Up until 10.0 (my organization is skipping 10.1), there were lock files placed on file geodatabases that were the datasource for running mapservices.  In copying file geodatabases from the development environment to the test environment for AGS v10.2 on services that were running in the development environment, I noticed that there were no lock files on the file geodatabases in v10.2.

Is this the expected behavior at v10.2 or would the lack of locks on the file geodatabases indicate a problem with my AGS v10.2 environment?

Any help or hints on this topic are greatly appreciated.