Calculating Standard Deviation of Cells in a Raster

Discussion created by colleenstrawhacker on Nov 19, 2013
Hi everyone,

Cell statistics question for you.

I have 100 rasters of raw rainfall data in which the pixels each represent rainfall for that particular pixel on the landscape for a single year during the 100 year period. I have also created a raster that calculated the mean rainfall received in each pixel over those 100 years.

From these raw data rasters, I want to create a new set of 100 rasters (one for each year) that displays the standard deviation from the mean of each pixel (of the entire 100 years) for each pixel.

I have a feeling this will be likely solved with python coding, which I have a little bit of experience in, but I am unsure of what tool to use? It seems like Cell Statistics is on the right track, since it focuses on individual cells, but doesn't achieve what I am looking for.

Any other ideas on how to tackle this?