Pictures Based on a Point Location - How to Display All the Time

Discussion created by jmcrosb on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by rborchert
I have a set of about 100 well log images that I would like to display, simultaneously, on a map.  These images are not like a typical raster that covers a given area, but more like a picture where I want each image to originate from a point and display at a given percentage of its original size.  Additional information:  the images are all different sizes, I want the images to display all the time, and the number of images I need to display will continue to grow.
I know that rasters can be stored in a geodatabase, but so far the only information I can find has the GDB set up where you can see the image only when you click on the point.  I�??ve also found information about turning a picture into a marker/symbol, but that only seems to work if you want to use the same picture for each marker. 
Does anyone have suggestions on how I might do this or do I just have to place each image manually in layout view?  I would appreciate advice and ideas.  Thank you.

Jennifer Crosby