Feature Service Security in a public application

Discussion created by BLynn on Nov 19, 2013
I have been playing around with the security on ArcGIS Online and I still have a question that I can???t figure out and I am curious if anyone esle is doing this.

Can a user create a public application ??? completely within ArcGIS Online ??? that will access a secure feature service via application authentication?

In other words, a customer loads the data they licensed from us into a feature service that is shared only with only their group.  They create a web map that consumes the secured feature service and displays it on top of the ???Topographic??? basemap layer.  Then they share the web map as a public application without making the data they licensed from us public.  The application works and topographic basemap layer is displayed however, since the feature service is secured it prompts the user for credentials.  Is there someway to enable application authentication so that the app will be able to access the secured layer without the user needing to log in?  I see that you can ???Attach Code??? to an application but I haven???t explored that yet and I am not real sure what all is possible.

I know how to create an application on our server, register it, and get the authentication to work.  However, we were hoping some of our clients, that have limited staff and programming resources, could take advantage of this functionality in ArcGIS Online without writing a bunch of custom code.