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Append Error 000224, but fields are mapped correctly

Question asked by Colli on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by Colli
Good morning,

We have run into an issue within a model we have built to update a point file with new projects. We are using a table view to capture new projects. We use the table view as the input to a geocoding tool, we then take the output and "make feature layer" which then gets appended to our sites table. This worked just fine in beta and in production for months now. A few days ago this stopped working in production and we have no idea what the culprit is.  The view is still functioning and the append is still working in beta.

We have a separate model that uses a different table view to capture x,y of differing new sites. We then run this through a plot x,y and "make feature layer" and then append to the same sites table as mentioned above. This works FINE! It seems to be only the output from the geocoding tool and subsequent make feature layer and append that is failing.

The error we receive is 000224. Which if you look at the error all it says is that there are possible mis-matched fields. I have reviewed this model multiple times and the fields are correct, and like I said, it was working fine the other day. I have delete and rebuilt the model, I have rebuilt the geocoding tool as well.

Anyone with a littel insight into other aspects I can review, maybe a way to dig deeper into this error as it's pretty bland as is. Is there a way to more closely monitor the append function to see what the real error is? The sites table we are appending to is on a SQL server 2008 r2 instance. In both prod and beta. Screen shots can be posted if needed.

Thank you.