Mosaic dataset statistics and color balancing with MrSID

Discussion created by sm970mn on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by hlzhang1022
Hi All,

I'm hoping to get some advice/help/feedback regarding color balancing (primarily, the prerequisite calculation of statistics) to see if I'm on the right track while I'm waiting on things to run.

I am currently working on a large basemap to be built from  an entire state's worth of aerial imagery (in MrSID), but I am having trouble getting the appropriate statistics generated for the mosaics. The way I have things set up now is I have a mosaic dataset for each county and a derived mosaic dataset for the state-wide mosaic dataset.  I ran the Calculate Statistics tool on all of the source mosaic datasets and the derived mosaic dataset. This went quickly, since I used a skip factor. However, when attempting to apply Color Balancing I got an error message stating that not all of the datasets had statistics.

I dug through the help documentation more and found that I needed to calculate source-raster dataset statistics (rather than mosaic dataset statistics) using the Build Pyramids And Statistics tool. I started this (with the Build Pyramids unchecked since I'm working with wavelet compressed MrSID), but it does not have a Skip Factor parameter and it seems like it'll take several days to run. The Build Pyramids and Statistics tool has been running for about ~4 hours and has made it through 2/3rds of a county.

Does this seem right? Is there a faster way to do this?

thanks in advance,