Possible file GDB issue

Discussion created by dg-radiance on Nov 18, 2013
I have a simple GP service that clips some TIFs and inserts the result into a File GDB located on a shared network drive. Both the input TIFFs and the File GDB are located on a network drive that has been added as a datastore  to the server.

When I test the script on the development machine it executes without error; the three raster datasets appear in the GDB, which we'll call clip.gdb.

I publish the service to server, but when executed from server nothing is written to the GDB. No error messages are given. Server logs say the service completed successfully. The script executes abnormally fast from server, almost as if it can not see the input TIFFs.

Anyone have any ideas? Maybe missing some config steps in server or in the Python source?

Using ArcGIS for Server 10.2
Script written in Python; executes successfully on the development machine.
In the Python source, all resources are referenced like:
myGDB = r"\\PATH\to\shared\drive\clip.gdb"
myLayer = r"\\PATH\to\shared\drive\layer1.tif"

Published using ArcMap 10.2
Network drive added as datastore to server. Correct read/write permissions given to argcissoc

Also, I'm assuming if it were a read/write permissions problem that an error message would appear in the server logs, but I'm not sure about this.