How useing SelectedItem, UID, ErrorHandlerUI.ErrorDialog with

Discussion created by aimi_light on Jul 6, 2010
Good day for everybody
I am facing some problems :

1-I declared a structure named LOGFONT
after that, I made FontStuff as a sub and put this declare :

Dim F As LOGFONT, hPrevFont As Long
Dim FONTSIZE As Integer
F.lfHeight = (FONTSIZE * -20) / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY

In the last line I got a message '' TwipsPerPixelY in not amember of screen"

2- In Module ErrorHandling in vb.6
we declared pErrorLog as below :

Dim pErrorLog AsNew ErrorHandlerUI.ErrorDialog

when I tried to use it in I got a message  " type ErrorHandlerUI.ErrorDialog not defined !!
please tell me how must be use it ??

3- what is (Me.hdc) mean and how can I use it in

More thanks for your supporting