QueryFeatureData2 returned different results from  GeometryServer's Project

Discussion created by tgbao on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2013 by NManocha-esristaff
Hi All,

I am using QueryFeatureData2 and Project to handling a same data. But I found that the returned results are difference. I am not sure if it is my handle issue or others.
Below is the issue detail:

1. I used QueryFeatureData2 to query a data which need to convert to Geographic Coordinate System. we can get the expected
results by setting its OutputSpatialReference(WKID=4326) directly.

2. I query the same data by QueryFeatureData under current SpatialReference, and then use GeometryServer's Project method to convert the result to Geographic Coordinate System.

the results of item 1 and item 2 should equals theoretically, but they are not.  I don't know the reason.
Hope some suggestion.