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how to select attributes from a LOCK or TIF file?

Question asked by thomas-sockel on Nov 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by thomas-sockel
I'm trying to find out, how many trees in a region died referred to the cardinal direction of the slope. Therefore i have a contour map of the elevation of the area and a point shapefile with the location of dead trees.
If I convert the the contour map to a TIN file, then i can calculate the aspect and select the dead trees based on the aspect. But I want to do it with a Grid file cause I think it's more correct. unfortunately it's not working.
I can convert the contour map to a grid and i can calculate the aspect from the grid, but unfortunately it's a LOCK file or a TIF file and I can't use it to select the cardinal direction to find the amount of dead trees per cardinal direction cause there is no attribute table to open.

Can somebody help me out?