Symbolizing Closed Segments of Roads

Discussion created by joecool051097 on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by timw1984dev
I am working at developing a common operational view of road conditions, shelters etc. for use in an EOC. 

One of the problems I'm working on:  I am looking for some straightforward simple but effective ideas for representing segments of roads that are closed.  You can easily use points to denote the beginning and end of a road segment that is closed, but what if you wish to symbolize the portion of the line feature (road centerline) which is truly affected?

Should I simply rely upon onscreen graphics (tracing the portion of road that is closed)?  Or is it better to do onscreen digitizing of the road segments (which can be saved later as shapefiles)?  Or is dynamic segmentation a better approach (doesn't sound simple)?

Any thoughts, ideas are welcomed.