Print templates into bespoke project

Discussion created by saqib4 on Nov 15, 2013
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I previously raised the thread "Print templates with esri.request issue", I have run into another possible problem related to printing.

We have our Intranet site which is developed using the JavaScript API, we have dojo.require() methods defined and I notice in the Print templates code (ESRI Print templates example using esri.request) this is using AMD (Asynchronous Modular Definition), where the dojo.require() is replaced by the require() method.

I need to incorporate the print code with the bespoke Intranet site, I thought it best to define the print code in a separate js file to keep the AMD separate, rather than converting the print code to using the dojo.require() methodology.

Since I have no experience of this, I want to find out what your opinions are on the best workable approach?
Should I keep the AMD code in a separate js file, or should I convert the AMD code to the traditional dojo.require() ?