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Garafa's GPS kit offline capability for Google/Bing Maps

Question asked by humzarr on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by humzarr
I have read time and again here that it is not possible/permitted to cache google maps / bing maps using ESRI API for iOS

However I was using the GPS Kit by Garafa on my iPhone, and it has the capability to cache map tiles specified by the user by drawing a rectangular,circular or free hand region by finger on the map. The type of maps supported for caching are:

Google Terrain

Google Cycling

Google Satellite

Google Street

Bing Shaded Relief

Bing Street

Bing Image

Google Hybrid

Open Street

Open Topo

the main question is that how is it possible for Garafa to cache google maps/ bing maps in their app if the Bing doesnot support caching tiles for offline use. Do we have to buy a license from Bing or Google in order to cache tiles in the app on the go?