Origin Destination Matrix with 212.000 origins and 100 destinations

Discussion created by claudiampcosta on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by jsandhu-esristaff
I'm trying to do an OD matrix between 212.000 origins and 100 destinations, with each origin going to only one destination.
These origins are nodes in my network and are in a personal database.
However my computer is taking almost 2 minutes to upload 10 origins, so I will need almost 45 days, 24 hours a day, to upload all the origins!
I thought the problem was my computer but the upload operation is only using 16% of my computer capacity and the informatic told me that the problem is that ArcGIS only works with 32 bits.
Can somebody help me with a solution?
thank you!