DEM Reconditioning tool produces error 010316

Discussion created by dsinton on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by MBoucher21
I am attempting to use Arc Hydro to produce subwatersheds and can't get past the DEM Reconditioning step. When I run it I get this error statement:[INDENT]
Making buffer constant grid ..
Making smooth constant grid ..
Making sharp constant grid ..
Computing smooth drop/raise grid ..
ERROR 010316: Unable to open the input raster: C:\USERS\DSINTON\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\9\ARCC13E\AH2013~1\G_G963
ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression.
Failed to execute (DEMReconditioning).


I have full read / write access to that temp directory and every directory along the way. The above error is produced when I use the Arc Hydro toolbox but it still fails if I run DEM Reconditioning from the toolbar.

I am using ArcGIS 10.1 thru a Citrix XenApp interface. Arc Hydro 10.1 (April 29, 2013) is installed. Interestingly, when I look in that temp directory there are no grids by that name (G_G963) but there are files with that name. Could this suggest that Arc Hydro attempted to build temporary grids but failed?

What am I doing wrong?

David Sinton