Use Sample feature to extract data

Discussion created by myemye on Nov 13, 2013
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I tried to use the arcpy.Sample function of ArcGIS 10.1 to extract data from two rasters. The command line is Sample([smoothedDEMfile,DEMfile],septictankfile,"table2"), which is similar to the one below from the ESRI website: Sample(["elevation", "costraster"], "observers.shp","c:/sapyexamples/output/samptable","NEAREST"). However, I found that I got all zero values from the first raster (data extraction from the second raster is fine). The same problem occurs when I use the Sample function from the GUI (Spatial Analysis Tools->Extraction->Sample). But, if I use only one raster, the Sample function works fine. I can certainly extract one by one and process them separately, but it is not convenient. In addition, I suspect that the Sample function has bug. Any suggests to solve the problem? Thanks.