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Limitations on Export data?

Question asked by ckiley on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by NCSU_Fire
I've posted a feature service for a group of engineering firms to use.  Many will want to use the data in CAD, or in Google Earth.  I've enabled Exporting of data (or so I thought) by checking the "Allow others to export to shapefile, CSV, geodatabase or KML."

However, none of my users can download the data.  The drop down arrow on the feature service page next to each data layer shows the option only to go to the service URL.

ESRI help tells me that the user can download the data if this is true:
"You aren't the service owner or the administrator, but the service owner or administrator has configured the hosted feature service to allow others to export the data.

This setting can be changed by clicking Edit on the feature service's item details page and clicking Allow others to export to shapefile, CSV, geodatabase, or KML under the Properties list. "

What am I doing wrong?  Are there actually limitations on exporting the data that aren't mentioned in the help?