Creating a raster file from World_Topographic_Map.3dd

Discussion created by danr1951 on Jul 6, 2010
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Is it possible to create a Raster from any of the free on-line ESRI databases for non-commercial applications, such as World_Street_Map_New.3dd or World_Topographic_Map.3dd?

I just finished "Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop" and am trying to use available data to perform a viewshed analysis of viewing my city from a nearby mountain top.  I want to see what areas of the city cannot be viewed due to other terrain in the way.  I am stuck trying to generate a Raster file, which is one of the important inputs to the Viewshed analysis tool.

Any help is appreciated.  Until I can figure out how to create a raster file, I think I'm "dead in the water" in terms of being able to perform a viewshed analysis.  I would like a 30km x 30km raster, or so, with 100m x 100m squares.  Is that reasonable (90K cells)?

Thanks in advance.