Trouble Editing - New feature disappears when de-selected

Discussion created by bboisvert123 on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by pmcatnip

I've been trying to edit a shape file this morning, and every time I de-select the feature, it disappears. I start an edit session. I choose polygon from the templates in the Create Features window. I draw the new feature. I right click and finish the sketch, but as I draw, I notice the polygon isn't showing at all (no fill). I input attributes in the attribute table. Then, when I de-select it disappears but still is located in the attribute table. When I select it in the attribute table, it is highlighted in the map. I checked the styling and layer order. I can see features of the same file right next to it. When I save edits, it disappears from the attribute table and no longer exists in the file.

It's been a frustrating morning! Any suggestions?