Tools to automate assignment of attribute

Discussion created by Zohara3 on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by timw1984dev

I have data about pipes that have 'diameter' as an attribute. About 0.1% of those line segments are missing data for this attribute. I would like to give those segments the value for the connecting pipe next to it. For a small test area, there were 42 segments missing the diameter and I just looked up the segments with select and used the identify tool to find the values of the connecting pipes and edited the attribute table by hand. However, I am trying to develop a method to automate this data improvement (eventually the data will be put into a 3D model) for a much much larger area.

Any ideas on what tools I might be able to try to automate the assignment of an attribute for the segments missing attributes, based on the value of the tangent segments with the attribute?

Thanks in advance!