Licence Error After Deauthorization

Discussion created by Jensen.Connor on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by Jensen.Connor
I just deauthorized my Arc license as I was moving to my new computer. I have installed arc on the new computer and gone through the authorization process which was "successful", however when I try to open any arc application I get a license error saying the program is not authorized. If I look in the Availability folder of ArcGIS Administrator I see that is is not authorized but when I go through the authorization process it says the license has already been successfully licensed to the machine. As a side note my Spatial Analyst extension does appear as Authorized in Administrator. Is there a wait time between deauthorizing and authorizing my license? What else could be causing this? I have tried rebooting multiple times as well as trying to send in my authorization.txt through arcGIS portal but this also returns an error not allowing me to upload the file. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Windows 7 OS, ArcGIS 10.2