DEM general questions, raster data symbology, DEM symbology to shapefile

Discussion created by wilsos85 on Nov 12, 2013
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I'm using ArcMap 10 and have 1 arc-second, 1/3 arc-second, and 1/9 arc-second DEMs. I understand that 1/9 arc-second is about 3 meters, 1/3 arc-second is about 10 meters, and 1 arc-second is about 30 meters (http://ned.usgs.gov/).

1. This means 3 m by 3 m cell, 10x10, and 30x30? (Just making sure).

2. To change the symbology of the DEM, I use the option "classified" and am separating the cell values into certain heights "100, 250, 500" meters. Am I okay in assuming that the cell values of the DEM represent heights in meters at each 10x10 cell (of whatever arc-second map I'm using) ?

3. After I change the symbology of the DEM, is there anyway to make these sub-divisions into shapefiles? Similar to the process of highlighting certain areas/lines/points in a shapefile and then exporting it to its own shapefile? I would like to do this process for the DEM with certain elevation sections (i.e. 100-250 meters, 250-500 meters). Is this possible?

Thank you. I'm pretty new to ArcGIS.