NITF imagery extent read incorrectly by ArcMap w/ solution

Discussion created by rontavius on Nov 11, 2013
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I have a large quantity of hi-resolution images in NITF format. When I open them with ArcMap, only a subset of each image is displayed. The same occurs if I do any processing on them. The output is only a subset of the original image. If I open the nitf images with other programs then they display correctly. This includes opening them in ArcGIS Explorer. After much suffering and animated discussion with colleagues, we identified a pattern.

We had multiple computers with different versions of ArcGIS Desktop, including 10.2, 10.1 w/ sp1, and 10.1. The nitf images display incorrectly in 10.2. They display incorrectly in 10.1 w/ sp1. They display correctly in version 10.1. Removing the service pack from the computer with 10.1 + service pack also restored its ability to view the images correctly. It appears that service pack 1 for version 10.1 broke the reader for nitf extents somehow. This problem persists in version 10.2