ArcSDE 10.2 services are not working

Discussion created by anurag91 on Nov 11, 2013
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Hello Guys...I am new to the sde services provided by esri. I want to connect ArcCatalog 10.2 to my Oracle 11g R2 database using
ArcSDE 10.2. I am using a 64-Bit Windows server 2008.
Till now following are the steps that i have undertaken:

1) Installed Oracle 11g
2) Created a Database named "MASTER"
3) Configured a listener
4) Installed ArcSDE 10.2
5) Default entries regarding the service name and port number have been made in the services file(esri_sde 5151/tcp).
6) The Path environment variable has been set keeping %SDEHOME%/Bin as the first entry
7) Create SDE service using sdeservice -o create command

After this the services are successfully created and registered.
When I start the services via service.msc it says
Arcsde service was started and then stopped. Some services are automatically stopped when not in use

So I used the sdemon -o start command but it also didn't work.
It says could not start Arcsde services--Check network,%SDEHOME%.......

The sde error log says
init_DB DB_instance_open_as_DBA =-93
DBMS error code :1017
Ora_01017 : invalid usrnm/pwd ; Logon denied

I used "sde" as the sde admin password while creating the service

Please do help.