Apply cartographic symbol style to multiple map layers in *.mxd automated

Discussion created by pierrek on Nov 10, 2013
Hi there,

I am working on a Multi-Scale Layer map project. I pulled in some data to my TOC separated in different scale levels already.
I also created some styles with the ESRI Style Manager.

Styling a map can take sometime so I am constantly changing styles for some of the layers unfortunately ESRI does not change the styles globally throughout the *.mxd. Which means every time I make changes to an existing style I created I have to go through every single map layer and apply the new style.

Is there any way of doing that in an automatic way by using a python script? It would be great if anyone could help me out with that that way I could save a lot of time adjusting the map styles every time and again.

I appreciate any help.

Thank you.