Any way to view network at element level?

Discussion created by snhirsch on Nov 8, 2013
I am able to traverse a rather large geometric network using a java program (ArcObjects library), but it would be extremely helpful to be able to view elements directly in ArcMap for debugging.  Unfortunately, I cannot see a way to get at the network information from within ArcMap.  Using the Identify tool, I can see only the higher level information, feature object id, etc.  Is there any way to visualize the individual element ids so, for example, every section of a complex edge between junctions appeared with its unique EID rather than as one extended complex edge (with a single OID at all spans between junctions)?

Even more to the point, is there a way I can use the filtering and location tools to take me directly to a particular junction or edge by typing in the EID of the network object?

I cannot believe I'm the only person who ever needed to do this, but a significant amount of Googling has turned up nothing even close.