time and length impedances

Discussion created by bogdanpalade on Nov 8, 2013
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I built a network data set and then activated global turns. I was interested that no "Reverse" turns were possible (like between roads that form an angle smaller than 30º for example) so I applied a very high penalty for reverse turns. But when I calculate a route I see that still the slowest (but shortest) route is generated. For example, the final route (with a reverse turn case) will have 2000 minutes of drive time (because of the turns penalty) while if a put a barrier to force the route to take other roads in order to avoid the reverse turn, the alternative route is much faster, like 4-5 minutes (lack of penalties). But still the slowest route is chosen, despite the penalty!

In the properties window I have selected "minutes" as impedance. I even deleted the "Length" attribute from the network dataset. The are no other restrictions like oneway or so and roads are perfectly snapped. Do you know what is happening?

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