Modifying the Print dijit's  Hyperlink

Discussion created by dmarquardt on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by ingenue3911

I'm working with the Print widget tool.  I'm trying to access and modify the Print Image Hyperlink.  This link appears after the print job is done, allowing the user to open a new window with the resulting image. 
While I can access the styling aspects of this hyperlink in css with .esriPrintout, I haven't found a similar parameter to use for scripting. 
Ideally, I want to bypass the hyperlink:  having the new window with the image open automatically.  If this isn't possible, I???d like to have the hyperlink positioned on the side of the print button, rather than replace it. 

My questions are???
Is there a parameter in scripting that deals with this hyperlink?
Should I be working with PrintTask, instead of with just the Print dijit?
Anyone seen an esri print sample that doesn't use the hyperlink?