StreetMap Data new Address locator

Discussion created by clintoncooper on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by john3853
I am trying to do some research on developing a good geocoding file either from Tiger data or from Streetmap data. 

I have found the data that comes available through ArcGIS (Streetmap) and was wondering what I can do to create a new address locator from that data.  In particular, I would like to take one state and create a new locator from that data.  As I looked through the data, I have found that there is not city/placename field in the 2013 version street data.  However, there are point files that do include city and zip files 

My question is this, do I have to upgrade to the premium version in order to have access to this additional data in order to create a new locator from part of the data?  If not, what steps do I need to go through in order to get the city and or zip properties into the street map file in order to create the locator?  Thanks in advance!!