how to use app from AGOL without having to sign in.

Discussion created by etylerNwwsd on Nov 7, 2013
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I was wondering how you go about using a web app downloaded from AGOL without having to sign in to your AGOL acct when the app is launched from our Web server. I downloaded the two pane template app from AGOL after I created and shared a map in AGOL. I understand how to open the index.html and put in my "appid" or "mapid". But when I go to open the app it asked for my AGOL. We like the style of the two pane app for this particular map that we want to share with people inside our organization. We just don't want them to have to enter another password username because they already have to do that with other items. We already have a few flex apps that I have built and am aware of those. But we like the two pane look.

So I guess my question is will having a proxy url allow our users to open the app without being asked to sign into AGOL.

I kind of rambled and hope what I am asking makes sense