Flow Accumulation and Time

Discussion created by umassamherstnr on Nov 7, 2013
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I am currently in hour 24 of a flow accumulation process. I have searched through a few forums regarding the issues of not having a status bar, wondering how long until it finishes, etc. A few people have mentioned the size of their files and I apologize but I am new and am not exactly sure which file/raster I should be considering for size. My flow direction raster has an uncompressed size of 2.6 GB, obviously if this is the size people were mentioning I have a big problem and will be here for a long time before the accumulation finishes. My arcmap document on the other hand is about 4 MB. My original DEM mosaic raster is also 2.6 GB. What component is the limiting size?

Any insight you can provide would be very appreciated.

Thank you