cityengine authorized error 7109

Discussion created by Sebahat on Nov 6, 2013
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I have a problem in CE installation.
I am working ArcGIS 10 on my computer (windows 32bit) and I want to install CE 2012.

Firstly, I had started Esri_ArcGIS Administor_CityEngine_Authorize Now.
Then, I used my authozired number like EVA123456789 but I cant connect.
The porgres include this authorization fails with the error '7109:Invalid activation ID.....'
I dont understand why it doesnt work.

Also I tried everything I have found on the internet to authorize
C:\program files\esri\cityengine\bin\softwareauthorization.exe
I use these exe file but I have the same error.

How can I get rid of the error?

Can anybody help me, please ?