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Rewrite Complex IF/ELSE AML to Python

Question asked by kfolger on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by kfolger
I originally posted this in the Python forum but someone mentioned I might try and post here.  The way AML used to process rasters, I could put in a series of statements and it would process each pixel of the raster for all the statements.  Apparently it doesn't work this way in python. 

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I've got a complex If statement that looks at the pixels of several rasters, then if that's true then I want it do do some other things, like calculate the same cells for other rasters.  Worked like a charm in AML.  Anyone else come across this?

If I could get the CON statement to execute a routine on the pixels instead of just replace pixels in the output grid that would be great.  But there's no output grid in an IF statement.