Time-Aware Raster Catalog Images Not All Showing

Discussion created by rcoodey on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2011 by agkurtroach
We have a raster catalog of about 30 images... each image has a start and end time attribute over a span of approximately 30 days (no time periods overlap).  I have served these up on ArcGIS Server as a single layer in both a MSD and a MXD (since image server does not support catalogs).

If I try and use the "Export Map" operation I have some issues.  With no time specified, one of the images always shows up.  But if I specify an Epoch time that I know for sure is associated to one of these images time spans, only about 2 out of the 30 images will show for their corresponding time.

Any ideas why the images won't all show?  It works fine with the time slider in ArcMap... some type of caching limitation with the REST API maybe?  I want to use the time slider in Silverlight and it is producing the same results since the REST API is not sending an image over.

Thanks a lot for any help!