arcpy.da.searchcurson on joined table

Discussion created by jostein on Nov 6, 2013
I have declared a searchcursor jFeatures on a joined table:
arcpy.AddJoin_management("Output_Infrastructure_Points", "Infrastructure_OID", "ISline_lyr", "ISline_OID)
jFeatures = da.SearchCursor("Output_Infrastructure_Points", "*")

I can see from printing out the field names (jFeatures.fields[]) that the cursor has read the joined table, but when I start reading the records in the table with a for-loop
for jFeature in jFeatures:

or when I call the cursors next-function
aa =

nothing happens. The script just jumps over this code as if no features existed in the joined table. I know by looking at the joined table in ArcMap that the join is performed successfully. So why am I not able to read the records of my joined table with the search cursor? Any idea is appreciated.