density calculation using kernal density tool in spatial analyst (ArcGIS 10.0)

Discussion created by karunaj on Nov 5, 2013
Dear sir or madam
I need to calculate road density within buffer circles. Example 100m buffer. I got intersected road polyline parts for the 100m buffer using a main road network shape file. Then I  used it as input layer for kernal density tool, with population field as NONE, Output raster a suitable name, search radius as 100m ( do I need to) Then I click OK. I got the output raster with 0.00000024. The unit for this output raster should be kilometer per square kilometer(km/sqkm2) as given in units, since my road length is 262 meters for the buffer. This value looks to me very low and I need to check with anyone who like to help me with this.

Out of ArcGIS if you divide just 262 meter/31400 m2 ( area of buffer for 100m) the outcome is .0083 m/sqm can we compare these 2 values or are they different.

Have I done it right way, please

with regards