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Do 10.1 tiled services work with Google Maps extension?

Question asked by mbakerDPS on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by mbakerDPS

I've got a local version of the 'tiled map' sample found at:

Homepage > Samples > Add ArcGIS Server cached map.

I swapped in a service from ArcGIS online, and swapped the API key, and the sample works fine.

Problem is when I swap in a layer from our internal server, I get an error:

400 bad request: failed to load the given URL (through Firebug)

The URL for the tiles / service that is getting called is:


...which when typed into a browser, doesn't work either.

I understand this is a legacy service - that is, we're using the old version of the Google Maps API.

EDIT: When I swap out a query layer for the same 10.1 tiled map service, the query works just fine...

The new service is version 10.1... is there a problem using 10.1 services with this API extension?