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Error 403 forbidden when attempting to create admin connection to AGS

Question asked by abrown31 on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by abrown31
I'm on the production network, the same network as our forward-facing server, and I'm able to successfully RDP into the box and access the server manager on the server through the server's browser.

However, I'm not able to create an administrative connection from my computer to ArcGIS Server on the production box. I receive error 403, forbidden. Either because of our firewall rules or because my local machine's Windows user doesn't exist on the production box. But since I'm not using any windows credentials to create the connection, our windows accounts should be irrelevant, correct? My user on the production box is NOT an administrator, and neither am I on my own machine.

So, why can't I create an administrative connection to the production box? I can see the machine and RDP into it, but when I try to create a connection, I receive Error 403 Forbidden. Same goes with trying to access the ArcGIS Server Portal website on my machine.

Plot twist, my colleague is an administrator on the machine and he can successfully create an admin connection from his machine to the server. He might have set up rules to allow his computer to connect, too, but he doesn't remember doing so.

Has anybody experienced anything similar to this?