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Mosaic Dataset w/ MrSID Statistics

Question asked by RHpec0312 on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by RHpec0312
This is a simple task that is becoming too complicated and time consuming for me so I am looking for some advice from the rest of the ArcGIS community.  How get statistics in the mosaic dataset for a MrSID raster. 

I have 11 MrSID files holding the NAIP 1 meter imagery.  The compression ratio is such that converting these images to .tif files would take too much time given my laptop workstation and network storage w/o server. 

I've created a mosaic dataset for each raster.  11 mosaic datasets holding one MrSID file each.  What I want to do is simple.  I need to have statistics in the mosaic dataset so that I can color balance all of the mosaic datasets together. 

I have been able to get some populated but others I cannot.  What I mean is that when I run any other numerous ways to calculate statistics, the process completes but no values are populated in the properties window.  The other method I tried was exporting the statistics of the original MrSID files to xml and importing them into the mosaic dataset holding that raster.  This method was sure to work but it did not.  The properties still say that the statistics have not been calculated.  Refresh.. done..    does not help.

Any suggestions?  I tried to make this simple task isolated from the rest of the tasks in my workflow.  Ideally I would not create a mosaic dataset for each county MrSID raster file.