How to get a large .tpk uploaded to AGOL?

Discussion created by ashtonj on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by MUBenesov
Hi there,

I created a few .tpk's that are 4-10GB in size. The were created using Desktop 10.1 File->Share As->Tile Package.

At the time of generation I did not choose to upload them to my AGOL Organizational account. They were created and stored on disc of the local machine.

So now that I am satisfied with them I want to upload them. It looks like I have 2 options.

Add item - from my computer

This method yields this error.


Unable to load status: 0


The "Share Package" tool in toolbox (logged in as an admin)

This method yields this error.

ERROR 001147: There is not enough space in your online account to upload the package

How do I get a 'large' .tpk in there?