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Roadmap of future implementations

Question asked by tskolev on Nov 3, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by tskolev

Our organization is testing the ArcGIS Online platform and we are currently evaluating the idea of going for an organizational subscription. However, there are some things that we are concerned about - mostly missing core features. I would like to know, if it's possible, if ESRI is planning to and working on to implement the following:

- Labeling (I know about the workarounds, but we need labeling as a feature inside ArcGIS Online)
- Printing map with legend (The workaround with print screen and copy-paste in image editing program is just not serious)
- Search within features
- Connection to an external database (PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MS SQL)

- 'Viewer' as a user-role? - right now I believe there's no workaround for that. If you want your organization to have private maps and to enable user just to see them, you need to provide them with an account with editing capabilities. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

It is very strange that this platform is operational for some time already, but it is still missing those key features, for which if no near-future development is planned that might as well be a deal-breaker for us.

Thank you in advance for the answer.

Kind regards,
Tsan Kolev