Automatically update symbology

Discussion created by tfman716 on Nov 1, 2013
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I have created a feature class that is stored in an mxd file which is then published as a map service.

The feature class updates every 5 mins showing real-time data. Everything seems to be working except one piece...I have my symbology set up so that as more and more events come in the symbol gets bigger and bigger. So if one location has just one event it will be a small dot and as the day goes on this location might have more and more events. What I want to have happen is for the dot to grow and grow as more events come in.

I have the symbology set up in arcMap so that I use graduated symbols with 5 classes. This sets it up perfectly for the time being. But the range of events may continue to grow and grow but the classes always remain fixed. Is there a way to update this dynamically or should I be doing it a different way?

Thanks in advance!