How to join region polygons and patient spatial data

Discussion created by skywarp on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by melissamunroe
Greetings to everyone.

My problem is this:

I want to analyze data which refer to cancer occurrences in my country and examine their spatial correlations.

This means that my database consist of patient data, that have a reference to the region the patient comes from. My question is how can I relate all the data to the regions shapefile.

That is, I have a polygon shapefile with all 52 regions, but, as expected, each region has more than one occurrence. One solution is to have 52 separate shapefiles, one for each region, and then produce spatial statistics for each.
What I want to do, is have them unified in one database, in order to make comparisons, for example, between region A & B etc.

Any help is much appreciated.