Use ArcGis for Hybrid mobile web app

Discussion created by alireza_tashvir on Nov 1, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I want to make a new hybrid mobile web app by the help of "HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQueryMobile," and "PhoneGap". This program is aimed to implement a map-rich app which enable users to investigate some instrument that are located in different parts of a region and find the instrument's problems or even damaged part. Then users want to save information about the operations which they have done based on the location they are at. This application should work offline in mobile devices since the internet usage by sim-card is very expensive for the organization and because of that I can't use some online services like googlemap or bing map. I want a service which I can cache the maps for use them in offline mode and also if this service can manipulate geolocation operations (like showing the current user location) it can be a plus advantage. When I read something about ArcGis, I was so interested but the problem is I don't know how it can be used in this way. My important concerns include :
1- Cache map information for offline use
2- Handling GeoLocation operations
3- Friendly user interaction with map service (saving data for a specific location, show mark-ups for saved location, etc.)

If someone can help me or give me a link (web address) to information which is related to my needs and how ArcGis can be used in this way, it will be so appreciated.

Thanks in advance