GPS positions to route mapping

Discussion created by ralfgelfand on Nov 1, 2013
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I???m working for a software company and we are designing a new software solution for one of our customers. In this solution road maps and routing will take a serious part.

Based on the ArcGIS API documentation I am quite sure most of our map related requirements can be handled with ArcGIS. Some details are still not so clear to me yet.

Now the question:
A centralized system periodically receives positioning data from moving cars. It needs to track the car???s actual route. As you know GPS data is not very accurate. Just finding the route a car took by looking at each single positioning data separately and connecting these measures points to a route, might have funny resulting effects. These resulting routes will be incorrect especially in areas where roads are close together or are overlapping (bridges, tunnels, etc.). The route information so far and the road map have to be taken into account to figure out the most likely route a car took.
Even if the transmitted position information suggests a car is currently on the road underneath a bridge, the car would most likely not have jumped of the bridge if the previous position was on it. The time difference between the measures makes it impossible to find a valid route from position on the bridge to the suggested new position underneath the bridge. This means the measure of position underneath the bridge is not accurate and has to be corrected to be on the bridge again.

Does ArcGIS provide such functionality to smoothen GPS data and to build realistic routes? Or alternatively what high level functionality is provided to support building such functionality? Our central system would have to do this for hundreds of cars and would have to do some further calculations based on the resulting routes.