Annotation Feature Class Subtypes

Discussion created by acrateau on Oct 31, 2013

I am working with some large Annotation FCs with several subtypes.  I'd like to iterate through each FC with a cursor and apply changes based on the subtype.  In order to evaluate which subtype each annotation is, I'd like to use the Name (string) of the Subtype rather than the Code (integer),  e.g.

If my subtype list is:

1 - Public Rd
2 - Private Rd
3 - Easement
4 - Waterbody

My code would be something like:

rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor("AnnotationFC")

for row in rows:
    if row.AnnotationClassID.{Name} == "Public Rd":
            do something
    elif  row.AnnotationClassID.{Name} == "Private Rd":
            do something else

I have several annotation FC's that have the same subtypes, but aren't necessarily coded the same.  For example, an Easement subtype in one FC might have AnnotationClassID equal to 3, whereas in another FC it might be equal to 4. I hope this makes sense.  

Thanks for any assistance.