Simplifying polygons shifting coordinates

Discussion created by pimpbuster666 on Jul 5, 2010
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Hello guys!

So here is the issue:

I built a 10x10 polygon with coordinate 0,0; 0,10; 10,10; 10,0; 0;0.

Before I simplified my polygons, the results were consistent. But there is a catch, in the process of simplifying the polygons, the vertex are shifted by very small numbers. The code for simplifying the polygons is:

        public static IGeometry SimplifyGeometry(IGeometry geometry)
            ITopologicalOperator topoOperator = geometry as ITopologicalOperator;

            return geometry;

        public static IGeometry SimplifyGeometry(IGeometryCollection geometryCollection)
            ITopologicalOperator topoOperator = geometryCollection as ITopologicalOperator;

            return topoOperator as IGeometry;

All polygons being built do NOT have a valid ISpatialReference, this is just the testing process. So, any advice?