MXD opens in 9.3 but not 10.2

Discussion created by jdrvar on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by abdullah.saleh
I have MXDs that open in 9.3, but not in 10.2.  The rasters were initially stored in SDE, but have been moved to another location.  The MXDs should still open with broken data links for the rasters.  What is causing the MXDs to open in 9.3, but not in 10.2?  When attempting to use 10.2, the MXD either crashes or attempts to open the MXD until Task Manager forces ArcMap to close.  Even more perplexing is the rasters within the 9.3 MXDs point to the initial SDE connection and the rasters display.  How can the 9.3 rasters display after the have been moved from the SDE connection?